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Private Hire Terms and Conditions



You must send a signed Booking Contract back or the Hire Contract could be cancelled.

1. This contract is between 1st4Limos Ltd and the named Hirer only, any person travelling with the hirer is at the invite of the hirer. Only the hirer is responsible to make sure all necessary fees are made to 1st4Limos Ltd. On booking the hire of a vehicle, a minimum deposit of £150.00 will be payable.  The balance is payable no later than 5 working days prior the date of the hire date. The deposit is non returnable and will be forfeited in the event of cancellation by the hirer. If the hirer cancels or postpones the agreed hire date within 14 working days of the aforesaid hire date, (except for Weddings which are to be paid in full 28 days before the event) the entire agreed hire sum will be payable. Any cancellation must be made in writing by registered post. We will not accept telephone calls for cancellation. All deposits paid include a £125.00 plus VAT administration fee. This fee is automatically deducted from any deposit paid and is non returnable.  
2. Bookings made within 2 weeks of the date of the hire require full payment at the time of booking; unless otherwise agreed by 1st 4 Limos Ltd. All outstanding accounts MUST BE SETTLED BEFORE transport begins. WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CASH ON THE DAY OF HIRE; WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY CHEQUE OR CARD ON THE DAY OF HIRE.  
3. 1st4Limos Ltd gives any advice on journey time in good faith but does not guarantee the completion of any journey in any specific time and will not be liable or held responsible or pay any compensation for any delay or inconvenience howsoever caused. This includes delays due to traffic, weather or any other reason. We will not be held responsible for any admission charges, late arrival fees or cancellation fees caused by lateness. Please see article 15 of these Terms & Conditions concerning a mechanical failure. Please remember that a guest list is provided on behalf of the venue you have chosen to go to, it is not provided by 1st4Limos Ltd. We have no control over the door policy of any of the venues we work with, only they will decide if they will provide you with entrance to their venue. Any guest list supplied entitles you to entry and queue hop, but does not guarantee entry. It is your responsibility to understand and adhere to the door policy of the venue you have chosen. 1st4Limos will not be held responsible if you or any member of your party is refused entrance to the venue. A guest list is not part of our contract with you.
4. Any hire that exceeds the stated time (due to the hirer or guests being late) will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. You must seek permission from head office to change any part of the hire arrangements. We will collect/return you at the Confirmed Booking times you have agreed to; (unless we are delayed see article 3) any changes are at our discretion.  
5. 1st 4 Limos will honour ONLY the Booking requirements as specified in the Booking Contract. The collection times you have given must be adhered to. Any alterations to this Contract must be confirmed and agreed by head office only and before your journey commences. This may lead to further charges to the original hire agreed contract. These charges must be paid before the journey commences. This includes any unsolicited stoppages, due to photography or any such unplanned hold ups or lateness by the client and their guests.  
6. The hirer is liable for any damage or breakages incurred inside or outside the vehicle, which is caused by the hirer or their guests. This includes our glassware which will be charged at £7.00 per stem. This includes any passenger being unwell. This includes ANY such repairs or ANY items that needs to be replaced. The hirer will be liable for all 1st 4Limos Ltd losses and charges incurred thereafter if the then such Limousine is unable to be used, until the said repairs are completed. A full detoxification valet for a limousine is £375.00 . Any other serious damage to the vehicle will incur an immediate charge of £500.00 until the repairs have been completed. The excess cost will then be payable, or any money back will be returned. In all cases the hirer will have to pay this amount immediately, and the full amount will be taken from your credit/debit card. Any accidents (whether personal injury or company property) incurred inside the vehicle must be reported to the chauffeur immediately and logged into the on board accident book.  
7. 1st 4Limos Ltd accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property or luggage carried in the vehicle. You are asked to keep your belongings with you. Anything left within the vehicle must be collected within two weeks. 1st 4 Limos will not pay for transport or postage costs of sending any item back to its original owner. We will not be responsible for the safe keeping of any lost property. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check the vehicle at the end of the hire and not the Chauffeurs job to check the vehicle for any left property.  
8. Alcohol brought on board any of our vehicles is limited, any alcohol being carried is the sole responsibility & ownership of the hirer. Surplus alcohol brought by the hirer or guests will not be carried by the vehicle.  
9. The vehicle will only carry the amount of passengers originally booked for. In a stretch Limousine this is to a maximum of eight. We will not carry any passengers not allocated as a passenger in the original Booking Agreement. Please see article 5 above.  
10. 1st 4 Limos are not responsible for any Parking charges, entrance fees, bridge tolls, Congestion Charging etc. These are not included in the price agreed unless by prior arrangement. Any and all of these costs incurred must be paid by the hirer at the time of hire.  
11. Our Limousines carry a strict NO SMOKING POLICY. A stop can be pre-arranged, please let us know. Smoking inside a vehicle will not be tolerated and will lead to the Termination of hire. NO REFUND WILL BE OFFERED.  
12. ANY FOOD of any description is NOT ALLOWED TO BE EATEN inside the vehicle. This includes crisps & nuts. A stop can be pre-arranged, please let us know. Under No Circumstances are Balloons, Party Poppers, Banners, Streamers and such like paraphernalia allowed on board our vehicles 
13. 1st 4 Limos Ltd. WILL TERMINATE HIRE if any passenger is found to be carrying or using any illegal substance. NO REFUND WILL BE OFFERED.  
14. We kindly ask that you keep your FEET OFF THE BAR AND SEATING AREAS. THIS AREA CAN BE DAMAGED EASILY AND WILL COST YOU DEARLY IN THE EVENT OF REPAIR. All passengers are to remain seated during their journey. It is against the law to stand up in our vehicles while the vehicle is in motion, you are NOT ALLOWED TO DANCE IN ANY OF OUR VEHICLES. Where Seatbelts are provided you are reminded that is law to wear them. You are not allowed to shout from the windows at passersby. You must not open the doors under any circumstances.  
15. We will endeavour to supply you with the vehicle of your choice. However, vehicles are mechanical and can break down; therefore 1st 4 Limos Ltd reserves the right to change any vehicle(s) in question and without any prior warning concerning that change. In the case of our larger (16) passenger vehicles this may mean replacing one vehicle with two, i.e. ???? 2×8 seats). We will not guarantee any colour of vehicle you may have requested. If we suffer a mechanical breakdown and cannot offer an alternative vehicle(s), we will offer a refund of the money you have paid. However, any part of the journey completed will be taken as the whole journey completed and any refund paid back will be adjusted accordingly. We do not offer compensation for mechanical breakdown or failure to complete a hire contract. If we suffer a catastrophic mechanical breakdown and have no alternative vehicle to offer you, we will not be liable for any event tickets you may have purchased should we not be able to get you or your party to your destination. 
16. 1st 4 Limos Ltd will make every effort to ensure all internal mechanisms are in good working order when the vehicle leaves for your intended journey. If for any reason whatsoever an internal feature mechanism is not working, we will accept no responsibility. Please be aware that some vehicles carry strobe lighting effects.  
17. 1st 4Limos Ltd reserves the right to terminate the hire if a hirer or passengers become abusive or use abusive language or are deemed to be intoxicated or become intoxicated or if they pose a threat to the Chauffeur or any staff working for and on behalf of 1st 4 Limos Ltd. Any UNDULY ROWDINESS will not be tolerated and will lead to the TERMINATION OF THE HIRE at any given time. NO REFUND WILL BE OFFERED.  
18. Due to the size of our Stretch Limousines, it may be difficult to drop you exactly at your intended destination, but we will endeavour to get you as close as possible. Please inform us if your collection point, road/street is narrow.  
19. Our client’s safety is paramount. 1st 4 Limos reserves the right to postpone or cancel hire due to severe weather or adverse road conditions or severe traffic congestion. At our discretion, we will consider an alternative replacement date in the event of a cancellation or postponement due to severe weather conditions or severe traffic congestion. We will only offer an alternative to severe or adverse weather conditions or severe traffic congestion; we do not offer any refunds or compensation on adverse weather conditions which are out of our control. 
20. It is your responsibility to make sure we have all the relevant information and that all the information in the Booking Contract is correct. Any changes should be made prior to your journey commencing; any such changes may lead to further costs. Please see article 5 above.  
21. The booking Confirmation must be sent back within 7 days from the date of receiving it.  
22. The purchased transport hire is non-refundable if cancelled outside our cancellation timescales. If you would like to amend your hire details, you will be charged for this. This charge could either include a fee per change or person. Depending on your amendment type, together with the fee(s) you may pay the difference in hire charges and you may lose a portion of your original hire charges depending on the proximity of the transport date on the day you request your change.
23.ORONOVIRIS UPDATE. The health and safety of our passengers and drivers is our number one priority. We’ve implemented measures such as PPE for drivers and regular deep-cleaning of our vehicles concentrating on the touch surface. Please join us in helping to protect your safety, the health of your driver and fellow passengers by following advice and wear a face covering and use of hand sanitiser when travelling with us. At this time we would like to thank all our customers who continue to support us during this difficult period.